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In our fourth episode of season 3 of the Korean American Perspectives Podcast, we sit down with Dow Kim, a former leading Wall Street financier, philanthropist, and loving father.

In this interview, we discuss how Dow leverages his talents and love for finance, his tenure at Merrill Lynch & Co, and his philanthropy work as the President of the Dow Kim Family Foundation.

Join us as we explore the life of successful financier and philanthropist, Dow Kim. We dig deep into his life and ask key questions: What was the secret behind his meteoric career in finance? Why is he focusing his philanthropy to help the Korean American community? Why does he hope many more Korean Americans will give back to their community?

Additional Links

Conducted by celebrated Korean Reporter Sang Tae Choi, linked is another personal interview with Dow Kim about his life and career journey (Korean and English versions available).

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Dow Kim, Former Wall Street Financier and President of the Dow Kim Family Foundation

Frances Kang, CKA podcast producer

Gimga Design Group, graphic design and animation